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Museum Entrance Foyer Displays and LCD Digital Signage

museum foyer

The Lobbysign LCD reception and entrance totem signs have become useful for communicating information to the public inside the front foyer at the traditional or contemporary museum entrance. In order to effectively inform visitors of events, exhibits, special exhibitions as well as provide a wayfinding solution, manual boards and printed posters are being accompanied or replaced by the monolith stlye Lobbysign LCD and LED displays.

Museum Lobbysign LED and LCD signs organise the information and images to target specific groups, ie general visitors, tourists, schools and families with strictly relevant information. And so by using Lobbysigns, information in museums on tours, timings of exhibitions, locations of exhibits, forthcoming events as well as opening and closing times of the restaurant, cafe or gift shop, can run on the display in any sequence. If there is on-going maintenance, weekly alarm testing, repairs or closure of specific facilities, these can all be timed to appear using the schedule feature, and ensure all that visitors are well informed by the Lobbysign board on arrival.

The elegant and sleek Lobbysign LCD and LED electronic display blends into both the traditional or modern museum foyer to create an excellent impression. The free standing Lobbysign display has the advantage of only needing to be plugged into a standard power socket to become operational. 

Other locations within a museum can be suited to Lobbysign digital signage such as  halls, cafeterias gift shop entrances and virtually any public walkway. The Lobbysign LCD electronic sign will convey an important message in the second or two of time needed to grasp the attention of passers by. 

If the Lobbysign display system is wall mounted or ceiling suspended, either near the museum entrance or set back in the reception, it is easily noticeable because of its different appearance from a tv. In the smallest museum foyer or lobby, there is a place for the wall mounted Lobbysign LED or LCD display board, whose actual display screen remains the same size as that of the free standing signs. The wall mounted display fits neatly on a bracket, which can position the screen at an angle or flat against a wall.



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